THE STUDIO’s philosophy is pretty simple. The arts are about the joy of expressing what’s inside, the love of bringing your innermost feelings…out. As teachers, it’s our job to help you find a way to release what’s inside you, and help you learn the mechanics of the art form that lets you let it all out. Whether your goal is to play a little better, be the next Big Star, or just access your creative side more wholly, we can help you learn the steps from here to there.

Our teaching philosophy requires the student to take responsibility for their own progress. In other words, no teacher is going to shake their finger at you and say, “You didn’t do your homework, young man!” But be assured that the more work you choose to put in outside your lesson time, the more you will get out of your lessons. It’s up to you. If you don’t put the work in on your own, your lessons end up becoming supervised practice sessions, which usually isn’t the best use of anyone’s time. And it makes for very slow progress. But as the student, the choice is really yours: how do you want your time and money to be spent?

Due to the nature of online teaching, THE STUDIO does not take young children as students. We have found that a certain level of maturity is required in order to stay focused in an online lesson setting. Therefore, we take students aged 15 and older for online lessons.



THE STUDIO began with an idea sparked by many Twitter conversations. When owner Sara Ramsay expanded her teaching schedule in 2012, she talked about it on Twitter. Immediately she began to get inquiries as to whether students had to be local, or whether she had a way to facilitate distance learning. After some thought and a bit of experimentation, she decided there was no reason not to try teaching voice lessons on Skype. And voila! An entirely new avenue of teaching opened up to her – online music education.

Sara had a solid business background, having taken business programs in school, as well as managing and owning several businesses prior. For years, Sara had dreamed of opening up an arts school geared towards both adults and kids. Finding an appropriate building, renovating it to house the appropriate space…these things had always proved to be hurdles that were too tall thus far. However, an online school was a beast of a different colour. And her vision of an arts school became much more real, very quickly.

Teaching in person never left the fold, however. Teaching students one on one, live and in person, remained a passion, and she continues to love every moment of it. Sara feels incredibly excited and enormously blessed to be bringing her vision to life and sharing it with students both locally, and all over the world.

The arts are universal. So is THE STUDIO.